Friday, November 16, 2007

We all have a friend who's adamantly not a hipster.

I think everyone one of the friends you have in life play a role. For instance, my friend Whitney's role is to ensure that I never drown in a pool of my own vomit. You're doing a great job, Whit! That near-miss last weekend really underscored just how valuable your friendship is to me.

But sometimes, the niche friends fill is not because of what they are, but rather, what they aren't. For instance, my other friend, Daniela, is not, I repeat NOT, a hipster. However, she is an amazing writer and an even better artist and blogger. So you should check out her blog -- especially if you still dream of the Playa, and were into that whole alternative culture thing way before it was even cool.

PHOTO: Daniela springs from awesomeness -- her dad even makes his own greeting cards (including this one). All my dad ever made were license plates.

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Dani Mae said...

Yeh so after 8 months of living specifically not in Williamsburg I found the crazy loft full of pot smoke and techno 2 blocks from my house while party hopping at 3am. I picked up a Hot Nude Yoga flyer for my refrigerator and found out the next day from a friend that they host sex parties there. Thus I no longer have an excuse and hang my head in hipsterdom. -D