Sunday, September 2, 2007

I Just Ate a 1500 calorie Burrito.

Sorry I've been gone for so long, kids, but I've been contemplating a huge shift in the blog, and wasn't sure how I wanted to get it started. See, I've been thinking that it might be beneficial for me (and humourous for you) if I started blogging about my dieting. However, I couldn't figure out how to get started. Until today, when I ate a 1500 calorie burrito. That's right -- almost an entire day's worth of calories in one sitting. The worst part is, it was delicious. And while learning the calorie count has made me seriously regret my decision to eat it, I cannot say that it has entirely turned me off of the experience all together. See, the reason I think people like me, the reason I often fail at diets, is because I'll try anything (stupid). Twice. Wish me luck!

PHOTO: This illustrious BKLYN taco joint is the Catra to my She-Ra.

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