Friday, August 3, 2007

Dog Fought the Law, and the Law Didn't Win

Fantastic news, everyone -- all charges have been dropped against Duane "Dog" Chapman and his cohorts for illegaling detaining Andrew Luster in Mexico in 2004.

This means that he can continue to make the one show on TV that continues to delight and amaze me with its inane yet poignant approach to bounty hunting. Combining salvation and street wisdom, Dog and his crew escort those who have fallen from grace not only to jail, but to the path to enlightenment. So here's to you, Dog Chapman, for making Hawaii, and the world, just a little bit safer.

Memorable Quotes:
It's just like being a father; you got to show them love and you got to show them the path. I don't like this role-model stuff, though. Jimmy Swaggart was my role model and he got caught buying whores twice. So don't look at me as a role model.

#1 you never hit a woman. #2- you never hit a pregnant woman.

Born on a mountain, raised in a cave. Arresting fugitives is all I crave.

Sometimes even though you win- you lose.

I like it when a plan comes together that you didn't plan.

At the end of the criminal rainbow- there is no pot of gold.

In 1979 Texas Department of Corrections let me loose and they said you know what - go be a productive member of society. I said what? Here is 200 dollars for 18 months making all those big rocks little rocks. Texas was hell back in the seventies- now go do something with your life. I walked out- there is a big clock in the Texas penitentiary and it said high noonsville. I flipped it the bird and cashed my check and away in life I went. Everywhere I went for a job they said what did you do in your past- I said - will discuss. Have you ever been convicted of a felony? I said will discuss. My own father said - you can't get a drivers license, you can't vote, you might as well burn your birth certificate. I had one person that thought I could be something - that was my mother. My mother was part Indian. She said- no matter what son- the sun rises on you. I ain't nothing special- I'm five foor seven soaking wet I'm 200 pounds. What I had was heart and faith and I said I'm going to do this for every convict alive and I'm going to make sure the world knows just because we fell one time doesn't mean we can't get up and let our light shine.

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