Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tequila-Infused Coffee Liqueur? What'll They Think of Next? A Tempura Bar? Oh, wait....

Patron, in what one can only imagine is an effort to compete with Vodka Red Bull (and yes, Vodka Red Bull does have its own page on Wikipedia -- Damn those liberals and their freewheeling ways!), created a coffee liqueur that is made with tequila. Finally, a hair of the dog treatment for the i-bankers to mix with their morning caffeine ... I mean, some of us have been slumming with with Kahlua, which is like drinking Gordon's when all you want is Sapphire. Honestly, the sacrifices we make just to tolerate jobs that offer massive compensation in exchange for our immortal soul. Good times.

The bad news is, the caffeine prevents you from passing out before the splitting hangover headache begins. The good news is, it significantly decreases your chances of asphyxiating on your own vomit while sleeping. Let the partying begin!

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