Thursday, August 16, 2007

Interesting. And Yet, Still Totally F*cked Up.

Okay, whilst during research for the previous post, I found this little gem of a website (I highly recommend reading "What Liberals Believe" page, or, if you're in the mood for retching, "The Filthiest Joke I've Ever Heard"). Apparently the concubine of the leader of the Third Reich has his own blog, and yet, doesn't full understand what *exactly* it means to be a Neo-Nazi, as he quotes both Shel Silverstein AND Albert Einstein on his page. Um, yeah, the Jews are totally against Hitler, mainly because of that whole Holocaust thing -- but maybe you skipped that year in History class.

On the upside, I think I've found the one atheist NeoCon, which, on the odd scale, is right up there with Log Cabin Republicans (Whose motto is, We will persevere -- if our own party doesn't stone us to death first. Honestly, how many gay men do you know who live in a log cabin? It just doesn't make sense!).

PHOTO: When interviewed, Mr. Einstein commented that the website is "probably ran by a colossal tool who doesn't know jack about shit."

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