Thursday, August 27, 2009

Goo Goo for Gaga

Anyone who knows me knows I dearly adore Lady Gaga. I've decided to list the reasons for your review/amusement/disdain:

  1. I. Want. A. Minnie. Mouse. Bow. Made out of my own hair. I do. I need it. Less than I need oxygen perhaps, but more than I need access to basic cable. And that is a lot.

  2. In her defense, if I had her body, I would also wear those same outfits. And perhaps something tighter and sluttier. I would have chosen a different profession though – but since Scores closed, this may have been her only other option.

  3. Because I NEVER NEVER NEVER thought I would say “She’s like Christina Aguilera. But crazy. And dirtier.” It didn’t seem like it could happen. But Gaga makes Aguilera look like … Wait, has anyone even seen Aguilera lately??!?!! I’m beginning to forget what she even looks like…

  4. See #2 about her body applies triply to her legs. They are AWESOME. I want her to write down every exercise she does and food she eats so that I can copy it exactly. Also, her gene sequencing if anyone has that information handy.

  5. When you watch old videos, you often see trends that you’re like, “what the hell were you thinking, Every Single Member of the Bangles?!?!!” It’s fun to watch one of those trends happening in in real time with Gaga and her entire wardrobe.

PHOTO: This is the image I found when googling Lady Gaga hair bow. I love you, Moderate Safe Search.

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