Thursday, June 21, 2007

Let's Get Political

Folks, I am proud to announce that I have decided to join the blog roll to elect Fred Thompson. Now, I know you’re a bit surprised by this, but I feel strongly that, with our help, this man can do amazing things for this great land of ours.

......Wait, I just realized that he is running for the President of the United States! I just thought I was supporting his bid to be re-elected as District Attorney for New York County! Forget what I said earlier.

As a side note, how come when Republican actors run for President, they are taken seriously (and often elected – think Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger). For once, I would just like to see someone like Ellen DeGeneres or Montell Williams run – you know, someone who could actually *do* some good.

Prediction: In five years, Dr. Phil will run for Supreme Dictator of the Universe and win.

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