Friday, June 15, 2007

Oh, Absinthe – how we have missed ye!

According to this article, we may once again be allowed drink absinthe, as our forefathers did and their forefathers before them (and Adam on that one trip to Mexico). Apparently, one of the reasons it was outlawed was because of a man went on a killing jag after drinking two glasses of absinthe. What the authorities neglected to mention was that he had also had a sandwich. Oh, yes, and five liters of wine, six glasses of cognac, one coffee laced with brandy and two crème de menthes. We propose that it was not the absinthe, but rather the same insanity of mind that allowed him to mix cognac and crème de menthe that drove him to commit this atrocity, and rejoice as absinthe takes its rightful place – on my shelf and in my belly.

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