Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Rev. Al Sharpton Suing GEICO for its “Racist” Portrayal of Cave Men

The Rev. Al Sharpton yesterday demanded that the insurance company GEICO immediately cease its “Cave Man” ad campaign or face a possible law suit from the National Action Network. “We cannot let this blatant racism continue,” said the Rev. Sharpton. “Is not the Caveman our brother? Does he not deserve the same respect and accident protection that we do?”

Joe Lawson of The Martin Agency, the company who created the ads for GEICO, is quick to point out that the ads cannot be racist as cavemen have been extinct for over 24,000 years, more than 23,998 years before GEICO began their campaign. “I would never knowingly discriminate against any *living* ethnic group or creed,” Mr. Lawson said. “The Aunt Jemima debacle of 2001 taught me that racism, and blackface, are no longer cool.”

But Cirroc, Director and General Counsel for the website http://www.upwithcavemen.com/ is quick to point out that cavemen such as himself *do* in fact, still exist. Cirroc fell into a glacial crevasse sometime during the Middle Paleolithic era, only to be discovered in 1988 by scientists who were able to revive him. He went on to graduate from NYU Law and later became the US Attorney for the Southern District, where his Perry Mason-esque in-court musings about his experiences from his past and present life were used as fodder for a recurring sketch by Saturday Night Live that featured Phil Hartman. Outraged, Cirroc originally created Up With Cavemen in protest of the show, but it quickly evolved into a social justice site, dedicated to raising awareness for the inequalities that today's Caveman faces. Cirroc says his goals are simple and few. "All I want in life is to be treated equally. And the new iPhone.”

PHOTO: In the end, I’m just a man,” says Cirroc. “No more, no less.”

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