Saturday, June 16, 2007

OPINION: The Incessant Promotion of 'The Starter Wife' Has Led Me to Contemplate Suicide

This opinion brought to you by loyal Boredom Blog reader, Kevin "No, I am not that guy from the Counting Crows"

At first, I was intrigued by the show. After all, I am fascinated by rich people and love to laugh at their misfortunes. But then USA launched a relentless ad campaign four months before the show even aired! It got so bad that I stopped watching USA all together, which was hard, because I really like The 4400.

I thought that the boycott would be the end of my troubles. But then they stepped up their campaign and began cross-promoting on all of the NBC affiliates. And while I could give up the 4400, give up Law & Order, SVU *AND* Criminal Intent?!?!!! No freakin' way. I'm *still* smarting from the loss of Jerry Orbach.

The final blow was when Us Magazine said that Debra Messing was the next Lucille Ball. Give me a freaking break. Comparing Debra Messing to Lucille Ball because she has red hair and does physical comedy is like comparing Sandy Duncan to Sammy Davis Jr. because she is short and has a glass eye. The argument doesn't hold water.

It's beginning to seem like the only escape available to me is the sweet release of death. Sure, I know that it's only a mini-series that is slated to end in August, but when that giant gob face of Messing's is constantly staring you down, you begin to wonder if it is worth it to hold on.

PHOTO: Yeah, I don't think so. Matter of fact, the next person to compare Debra Messing to Lucille Ball wins a free punch in the throat.

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Lesley said...

By that logic, *I'm* the next Lucy too. And by that I mean I too have red hair and tripped and fell up some stairs at work the other day. In front of my coworkers. And my boss. While carrying a Diet Coke.