Monday, July 9, 2007

EDITORIAL: Finally, An Advertising Campaign that Doesn’t Blow

This opinion brought to you by intrepid reporter and loyal Boredom Blog reader, Lesley “Rent is too damn high”

Sometimes, a truly brilliant idea arises from deepest annuls of suck that is advertising and restores our faith in coke-addled brains of the modern-day marketeer. Such is the collaboration between the The Simpsons Movie and 7-Eleven, or, as it is now known at select locations, the Kwik-E Mart.

If you who don’t know what the “Kwik-E Mart” is, please crawl out of the hole that you’ve been living in for the past 19-odd years and get a television post haste. Seriously, what are you, Mormon? The rest of you can run down and get a Buzz Cola, a Squishee or even a box of Krusty-Os in a store that has been modified to resemble the famed Springfield convenience store. Sadly, they are not selling Duff beer, because apparently “The Simpsons” is a family program and they are afraid of the message that it would send. Way to know your target demographic, Marketeers – most of the “kids” that I know who watch The Simpsons have a mortgage and a 401(K).

Interesting concept you say, but how’s the execution? Flawless. Turns out, it is not very hard to turn a “real” shitty convenience store owned by people of unidentified Middle-Eastern background into a “fictional” shitty convenience store owned by people of unidentified Middle-Eastern background. The campaign is only running until the end of July, so run (don’t walk) to the nearest Kwik-E Mart (for you NYers, it’s 345 W. 42nd Street – all else can go here to find the location nearest you) before they revert it back to the shitpit shack of coffee and crappucinos that we’ve all come to know and despise.

QUOTE: Just looking at this display makes me feel less guilty about the chili dog I just ate.

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