Friday, July 20, 2007

Senator Clinton Flashes Her Boobies

The Washington Post just wrote an entire article about Hillary Clinton's cleavage. I'm glad that they don't bog us down with boring stories about the war in Iraq or the nuances of the presidential campaign platforms. Just tell us which celebrities got out of rehab/jail/jury duty! Unfortunately, they neglected to mention Clinton's new campaign slogan, the timeless "Vote for me, and I'll show you my tee-tees." Yes, you laugh, but it works. Do you think I got to be Vice President of Student Council because of my forward-thinking social policies? Not bloody likely ... I won that election on my wits, tits and mountains of bullshit. Oh yes, and extensive vote tampering. I may be a Democrat, but I fight dirty like a Republican.

PHOTO: I cannot believe these rate an article. Next thing you know, Debra Messing's will be getting a four page spread in the Times. Seriously, though, if you look down Messing's shirt, all you see is belly button. It's sad, really.

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