Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Women (and Men) in Need of Hot Firefighting Husbands: Get to Rock Center, Toute de Suite

Fireman have invaded Rockefeller Center, and I can assure you, it's a vast improvement. They are signing the 2008 FDNY "Let's Get Naked. You know, for the kids" calendar for a bunch of horny middle-aged biddies with bugaboos. Luckily, most of the women, despite dressing like Britney Spears post-divorce and acting like Lindsay Lohan pre-rehab, had the foresight to bring their children along to scare off any potential suitors, so your chances of getting lucky are pretty good. Unfortunately, the firemen are fully clothed, and are not *all* hot per se, but there are definitely a few that make the trek worthwhile.

PHOTO: My favorite is this guy, who let me touch his gorgeous abs, if only over his shirt (Philistine). They feel even better than they look.

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